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Help Topic: Player Profile - Ratings

From the player's profile page, click on the Ratings tab.

To add a rating, click on the 'Add new sport'

Some leagues do not allow for you to change your rating. So, if you do not see the 'change' button contact your league administrator to change your rating.

Change below as needed;

  • Base rating - this needs to be an accurate rating based on previous play or qualified evaluation. Enter a number or a letter (A,B,C, 3.0, yellow etc..) rating
  • Type of rating - how the base rating was established. Offical is for example a USTA NTRP rating. If the rating is a letter rating make sure you indicate the type of rating is a 'letter' rating.
  • Official Rating is their rating with an organization that confirms their ratings. Like USTA, USPA Etc.
  • Base effective date - when the base rating was established. Make sure this date is prior to your first match date.
  • Benchmark rating: only tobe used when a player comes back from a long lapse in play and their rating might have changed.
  • Bench Effective Date - when this rating should start.

Ratings History - Click on the Change or Add New Rating button.

  • Season - enter the year for this rating
  • effective date
  • singles rating
  • doubles rating

Display a fixed Rating

You can enter a rating that you wish to show to the public using our 'Fixed Ratings' option. Which is found under a player’s rating page. This rating doesn’t change unless you change it manually. Your ratings will still calculate nightly but your players won’t see the dynamic rating. Only your admins would see the real true dynamic rating.

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