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Help Topic: Team Leagues - Score Card - Record/ Enter/ Change

  1. Logon (you must be a captain or co-captain).
  2. Go to your Team Page. You can click on search to find your team.
  3. Under your team name and information, the screen is divided into two sections: your schedule and your roster.
  4. To enter a match, click on the options menu .
  5. Each line of play has a Status drop-down box that is set, by default, to 'Completed”. You can change this to 'default', 'retired”, 'Timed', or 'double default”. Definitions are given below.
  6. Click the winner of each line of play in the first column on the left.
  7. Using the drop-down boxes, click on the players’ names
  8. Enter the match scores per set in the appropriate boxes. For sets that played a tiebreaker, enter 7-6. You do not need to enter the actual tiebreaker score. For retired matches, enter the actual score when the match ended, making sure to click 'retired” for the status.
  9. Default: One or two players did not play. List the status as ‘Default’ and list the name(s) of the player(s) earning the win due to the default. For the name of the missing player(s) - click on ‘Default’ in the drop-down box of names. Enter the score as 6-0, 6-0
  10. Retire: At least one point of the match was played before it was decided to retire the match. List the status as ‘Retired’ and enter all players’ names. Enter score as it was on the last point played.
  11. Double Default: Both teams did not send players. 'Status” is set to ‘Double Default' and ‘Default’ is the name used for all players. 'Timed' - use this status when your time is up on the court and cannot complete the match thus having a incomplete score.
  12. Click on the submit button. Any errors will result in non-submission and TopDog will offer possible solutions at the bottom of the screen.

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