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Help Topic: New Features - The List

Here are a few features that we hope will make your life easier..

  • Schedule Play
    Create groups of friends with recurring play days. Your friends can post their availability and find subs.
    No more emails going back to back. Read more.

  • Events Grouping
    Associate events with groups. The heading on the home page will be the group name rather than Competitions.

  • Division Grouping
    Ability to group divisions on the league home page by gender, adult, senior etc.

  • Hide Manage Roster Button
    Ability to hide the Manage Roster button, located on the team page. This option will hide this button from your captains so that they cannot add or delete players.

  • Hide Schedules
    Ability to hide match schedules until you have finshed scheduling the league. You can turn this off or on by division.

  • Registration -
    Our clients can use so that their registrations can go directly to their checking account.

  • Upload your Picture
    You can upload a picture for you and your team. Just login and click on avatar located on your profile. If you are a captain, go to your team and click on the avatar to change it.

  • Match Line-up
    Captains can enter their match line-up, located on the team page. The captain can choose to send an email to their players that the line up is available online or they can select the lineup via the email. Players can confirm their availability when the captain sends the lineup. Only your players can view this lineup.
    Captains and players can confirm their lineup availability online located on the lineup page.

  • Player Club Matches
    Players that belong to a club that is using Topdogsports can now enter and track their random club matches. They can tag them as Social, Practice, tournament, league or competitive.

  • Division Notes for league administrators.
    Gives the ability for league administrators to keep notes for later use about teams, players or ideas that might be helpful in the future. This is only viewable by the league administrator.

  • Texting Players
    Logged in users' can send a text message using Topdog. Just go to a player's profile and click on 'text'. Please be aware that the player must checked a box on their 'edit' allowing people to do this.

  • Email Reminders
    Captains can automatically send an email to their players reminding them of an upcoming match. Captains select 'edit' from the team screen.

  • Team Practices
    This program allows the captain to schedule practices (or events.) All the players on their team can tag if they are coming or not. Along with practices captains can setup any kind of sign-up, for example a luncheon. To use the software you must login first then go over to your team. there is a button called 'Practices'.

  • Team Notes
    Captains can place a note on their team page. Can be special instructions about your club or change it weekly. The note will be displayed to the public.

  • Player Availability
    Your players can enter their availability for all of your matches. Players log in and then click on the 'Availability' button on the team page. *This is not the same availability that's on a player's profile.

  • Club Courts
    Captains can enter the courts they will be using at their club for home matches. Click on the icon next to the match date.

  • Match Penalty
    Admins can enter penalty points that will change the overall match result.

  • Groups
    The group program allows you to create a group and associate your players with that group. Once your players are in a group, you can batch email them and create lists.

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