PwC Junior Circuit 2018 #5

The fifth round of the 2018 PwC Junior Tennis Circuit will take place August 24th to 26th 2018, at The Courts at the Ritz Carlton.

Matches may be scheduled over all three days of the tournament as such players should be prepared to play Friday through Sunday.

There will be three age divisions. 10& Under, 14&Under and 18& Under, and the tournament is open to any junior wishing to take part.

The TFCI follows the ITF "year of birth" age eligibility rule. Juniors who turn 11 or 15 during the 2018 calendar year must play in the 14& under and 18& under divisions respectively.


All players must sign a waiver and pay tournament fee of CI$25.00 at the tournament desk on Tuesday August 21st between 3:30pm - 5:30pm, at The Courts at the Ritz Carlton.


The Tennis Federation will again be holding a Doubles Tournament for 18& Under and 14& Under. 18& Under players can play with 14& Under.

If you are interested in playing in the Doubles Tournament, all players must register on line on Top Dog Sports by Tuesday August 21st.

There will be an additional registration fee of CI$10 for playing entering in the doubles tournament, payable at the Tournament Desk on August 21st.

The Doubles Tournament will be held at The Courts at the Ritz Carlton along with the Junior Tournament.


The draw and schedule will be sent out vie email by the end of the day Thursday August 23rd. Please note that the schedule can be subject to weather and court availability and as such there can be no schedule requests. Players are also reminded that play may be scheduled over all three days of the tournament.


Players and parents are also reminded that they will need to adhere to the Tournament Rules and Guidelines and players are to remind themselves of rules for Tournament Player Conduct.

Any questions please contact Uli Hoppe the Tournament Director at

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