2019 Pickleball Club Championships

  • Matches are to be scheduled by you and your opponent at everyone's earliest opportunity and within the following deadlines:
    • For draws with 4 or fewer players/teams, the semifinals must be played by March 10th and the finals by March 24th.
    • For draws that have 5-8 players/teams, the quarterfinals must be played by March 3rd, semifinals by March 10th and the finals by March 24th.
    • If a match is not played by the deadline, the player/team that has been unable to play despite being given at least 3 options from the opponent will forfeit.
    • If neither team has made the effort to schedule the match a coin toss will determine who shall advance.
  • Please reserve your court online (Foretees) or through the Sports Club and please let me know at michaelb@clubmediterra.com so I can send out the schedule for those wanting to come out and watch.
  • Balls will be provided through the Sports Club.
  • This year we are trying to have a Club Championships Finals Weekend, March 23rd and 24th. It is not a requirement to play the finals that weekend, but something that would be a lot of fun for us to get together and watch and cheer our friends on!
  • The format is best 2 out of 3 games to 11, win by 2. However, if both players/teams agree before the match to play best 3 out of 5 games, it will be allowed. Again, this must be a unanimous agreement before the match starts.
  • To determine who will serve first and starting sides, flip a coin. The winner can choose to serve or receive first or they can choose from which end of the court they want to start. The other team has the remaining choice (side or service).
  • Once server and side are established, game 1 will be played in its entirety from those sides. Players will switch ends for game 2 and play all of game 2 from those ends. If playing best of 5, players. teams will continue alternating ends for each new game.
  • In the event of split games (1-1 if playing best of 3, or 2-2 if playing best of 5), teams will switch ends again from where they played the previous game. And, players/teams will switch ends during the final game when one team reaches 6 points.
  • Players/teams may take up to a 2-minute break between games.
  • Players/teams may take 2 60-second time-outs per game.
  • The team that served first in game 1 will receive first in game 2 and alternate at the beginning of each game.
  • The winner is responsible for turning in the score to the Sports Club or to michaelb@clubmediterra.com as soon as possible following the match.
  • There is a first match loser's consolation draw and participation is strongly encouraged.
  • Winners and runners-up will receive awards or credit book and be recognized at the Annual Sports Celebration, Thursday, April 11th.
  • Winners will be recognized on the perpetual plaque in the Hall of Champions in the Sports Club.

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